What Is Orvel?

It’s an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about making every effort count. We fight against plastic pollution so that we can continue to create and do the things that we love. If our ocean suffocates, so do we.

Our Mission

To raise awareness on plastic pollution and other environmental problems in low-income, underserved communities.

Our Vision

To a sustainable Earth with plastic-free oceans!

Why do we care so much about the ocean?

We were founded in the Bay State, on Massachusetts’ beautiful shoreline. The ocean is responsible for 70% of the oxygen that we breathe. Without oxygen, we can’t live to create or do the things we love. We’re clearing the path for future generations to continue our legacy. If we all pitch in, we will leave the world a little better than how we found it. If it sounds ambitious -- it is. But with community, hard work, and consistency, we believe that cleaning the ocean of plastic is just the beginning.

Our Beliefs

  • Be consistent

  • Work hard and smart

  • Love others and the environment

  • Be respectful of your surroundings

  • Make a difference

  • Create without causing unnecessary harm